The women of Swagger & Glide are superheroes. They range from dentists to professors to working moms with multiple kids. They do it all and somehow always keep a level head and positive attitude. Many thanks to these women who have graciously allowed me into their lives and closets.

I was initially hesitant to have SooJin come to my home for a Wardrobe Refresher. I thought, "What if she comes in and says, 'Everything has to go!'" I was delightfully surprised by her warmth, good cheer, and professional attitude. She was incredibly respectful of my attachment to certain items in my wardrobe, and helped me find a number of great outfits from items I would never have thought to pull together. She is incredibly efficient and organized, and had excellent suggestions about most flattering future purchases. It was a fabulous feeling to put on one of her outfits and have my three teenage daughters say, "Wow, Mom, you look great!

— Teresa, 46, Phsychologist

As a working mother, I rarely have time to shop and often go to the same 2-3 stores all the time. I realized my wardrobe was pretty boring and lacking in interesting colors/styles so I decided to use SooJin's services. Initially we did the wardrobe refresher, which was great because we cleared out a bunch of clothes that were old and out of style, but not worn out so I hadn't had the motivation to donate them. SooJin also used that time to come up with new outfits from my existing clothes and she took away the old clothes for donation so I didn't have to worry about them.

Then, I did a monthly subscription and have had great success in adding really nice clothes to my wardrobe. SooJin is also very willing to say when certain items do not fit well (instead of just pushing them on me). She has added a lot of color and new styles to my outfits from a variety of stores, and more importantly, has gotten me to try new styles that I wouldn't have thought to try myself. She is a pleasure to work with, and handles all the returns and alterations so she makes everything so much easier. Finally, I have gotten more compliments at work on clothing in the past several months than in the past several years!.

— TG, 43, Physician

I am what you would call an atypical female, in that I don't enjoy shopping. To me, shopping has always been a chore because it is never easy to find clothes that fit my body and look good without breaking the bank. When my sister-in-law Melissa told me about SooJin's personal shopping service, I jumped at the chance to relieve my frustrations of shopping. In working with SooJin for the past 1 1/2 year, I have grown to appreciate her understanding of what looks good on me, her keen eye for style, her respect for my budget and her subtle, yet effective skill in getting me try clothes that I wouldn't normally pick from off the rack. She has helped me broaden my look for work, provided me more acceptable (and fun!) looking casual and going-out clothes/shoes and even helped me look stylish during my pregnancy.

Originally, I figured that being a client of SooJin's would just save me time and aggravation in shopping for myself. But, I have found that through my "re-education", I am now enjoying shopping more than ever. With my current base of clothes, I am now able to walk into a store and build off what I already have in my closet. The annoyance that I used to have has greatly lessened, since I now have a core "look" to build around. And of course, I am more knowledgeable and realistic about what items fit me. In addition, I am more open to different styles, colors, cuts and fits than I ever have before.

Working with SooJin isn't just about getting new clothes every so often (not to say that I don't look forward to every fitting like a child on Christmas day!). I feel that this experience is helping me feel more confident in my own body/skin and I certainly feel ownership over my wardrobe. While it is an investment to subscribe to Swagger & Glide, SooJin is certainly worth every cent. I have recommended her to friends and family, and will continue to do so. Thanks to SooJin, I can now say that I am an empowered dresser, not a victim of fashion.

— Jeanne, 38, Production Manager

I worked with SooJin during a wardrobe refresher. It was a surprise gift from my husband. Initially I did not think I really needed one... and wondered how I would use this service but OMG! it was amazing and something EVERYONE needs once they've had years of clothes accumulate and start to take over your closet. Not only did SooJin help me clear out lots of outdated ill-fitting garments, but she also had me try on many different items, helping me understand how the fit could be more flattering on my figure with simple alterations... helping to wear certain older pieces in a novel way, and to help find more classic looks that could be worn to lots of occasions. I felt that she helped inspire me to dress better but not necessarily needing to spend much money to do it.

She helped put together different outfits...took photos with my own accessories... and made a photo album to help me get dressed faster when there isn't too much time to think. She helped me get out of my rut with regard to trying new items together... dressing more appropriate for my age... and realizing what items I needed to buy so that when I go shopping I can add to my wardrobe in an efficient way rather than buy random pieces that don't really go with other items that are already there

I came out from my refresher raving to friends and family. Working with SooJin is so easy and really fun. She has a well-trained eye to understand different people's individual style and working with different body types. She was also very accommodating with my schedule and made the process even easier for me. In the end of the 6-hour session she not only organized my closet, but she also helped physically remove all the donation items so I didn't have to deal with any clutter. I highly recommend SooJin. I even blogged about my experience here: http://prettylittlethingy.blogspot.com/2011/06/every-girls-dilemma.html.

— Sonal, 38, Physician

I used to immediately stereotype the type of person who would hire a personal shopper. I pictured someone who was really wealthy, into designer fashion, and wanted to keep up a certain image. Definitely not an "average person" like me – I value function over fashion, price over labels, and consider Banana Republic high end (because it's nicer than Old Navy). That would explain why I was very skeptical to start working with SooJin. In the end, my husband was the one who encouraged me to try it out because he could no longer take my complaints about having "nothing to wear" in the mornings.

While it's a slight over-dramatization to say that S&G has changed my life, SooJin has drastically improved my daily happiness around decisions of what to wear. She has a keen eye for fashion, individual style, and integrating new items with my existing closet. She has updated my wardrobe with clothing that fits well and helps me to branch out with pieces that I would consider "outside my boundaries". On a practical note, she works with all budgets and is a great bargain hunter. SooJin is non-judgmental, patient, and hardworking. Her shopping has saved me countless hours of unsuccessful trips to the mall. Plus I always look forward to my fittings because I know it will be fun!

I've now been working with SooJin for 2 years (after my original plan of 3 months). During my time, I've had the monthly subscription with a focus on work clothes and the efficient shopper for formal dresses. I have appreciated her services so much that even after moving to San Francisco, I still have a quarterly subscription and let her know when I'm in town for work trips.

I would recommend SooJin to anyone who is looking for wardrobe help – every day, work, or formal. Just give her a try and I'm certain she will win you over.

— Melissa, 32, Human Resources

When thinking of the way SooJin helped improve my wardrobe, and subsequently, my attitude, I don't know where to begin. In the past several years, I have lost about 50 pounds. With that, though, I essentially maintained the same type of clothing that fit at a size 16 for my new size 6 body. As it turns out, what one wears for a particular size and shape won't necessarily flatter a different size and shape (who knew!?). Luckily, I won a "Wardrobe Refresher" package and met my Angel in Disguise, SooJin.

Over a period of six hours, she successfully discarded about 75% of my wardrobe, including shoes/boots/sandals, clothing, belts, bags, and jackets/coats. I have to say, though, that I was ready. When she explained to me why she gave a particular item the "thumbs down," I was willing to let it go. She is incredible at what she does; I was at ease and she patiently educated me about the styles that are most flattering and age-appropriate for my body and for my profession.

With her help, I am now replenishing my wardrobe, with intention. I have signed up for the wardrobe rebuilder to gain some new work clothes and we are co-creating a style that allows me to appropriately represent any client with whom I work. When I wear an outfit she created, I walk with more confidence and show up with more presence. I'm not independently wealthy, so to me, SooJin's services are an investment. I recognize, though, that it is worthwhile, and I already see the huge impact it has on my ability to provide optimal services to those with whom I work.

— Jackie, 28, American Sign Language Interpreter

I met SooJin coincidentally and was immediately drawn to her quiet confidence, nonjudgmental attitude, and true joy in her work. I was a little skeptical that she could find clothes that I would like and that would fit me, but after a brief question and answer period and a poke around my closet she came over with garment bags full of the very clothes that had eluded me.

Her authority and recommendations on fit and how to wear each piece gave me the confidence I needed. I started on a simple and inexpensive plan of tops and blazers for the summer. I would have spent frustrated hours shopping and never would have put together the wonderful wardrobe that she did.

I am very pleased with the value of her service, the clothes that she brought me, and the effect they have had on my confidence and happiness.

— Nikki, General Contractor

Truly, I cannot say enough about SooJin's services! I am a mother to a one and three year old, and work close to a full-time schedule in "corporate America". To say I had neglected by wardrobe for the last five years would be an understatement- and to be honest it was in need of updating even at that time. When I first found SooJin, I decided to begin with the wardrobe refresher service- which included going through every article of clothing I own- which would have been an insurmountable task on my own. SooJin provided great advice on what worked for me- and of course equally important, what didn't. However, she does let you keep your favorites, no matter how bad they are.  SooJin then kindly hauls all the donations to Goodwill- leaving ample space in the closet for much needed improvements.

Since then, I have worked with SooJin using both the wardrobe rebuilder model as well as the monthly subscription. SooJin really takes time to get to know your style, while encouraging you to "branch out" in a way that is still feels "you". I can honestly say since working with SooJin, I now look forward to getting dressed in the morning, instead of dreading it- a welcome change! SooJin brings tremendous value when you consider the time saved (shopping, alterations, and returns), her fashion expertise, as well as her great consultation skills. I am sure anyone who works will SooJin will find it just as worthwhile and enjoyable as I have.

— Lindsey, 35, Human Resources

I never expected to work with a personal shopper or fashion consultant, I didn't think it would be for me, but SooJin's attitude and services were just what I needed. Her perspective and creative mixing of garments I already owned with a few additions and tweaks really made a difference. I found myself shopping with a different focus, and always with my current wardrobe in mind. SooJin is low pressure, low stress, practical and extremely flexible for anyone with a busy or tight schedule.

— Kathleen, 39, Investment Management

I met SooJin when I was the high bidder on a Wardrobe Refresher package she had donated to a local community organization. We hit it off right away, and I was excited and a bit nervous to have her come to my home and sort through my wardrobe. I have a difficult time getting rid of things, and as a result my closet was packed with clothes that hadn't been worn in years, were out of style, and no longer fit. SooJin showed up at my home ready to work. We spent several hours sorting through clothes and making piles of what to keep, donate, and have tailored. After this was done, SooJin spent the remainder of the time mixing and matching what I already owned to make new outfits. She has a great eye for style and put together clothing combinations that I never would have thought of to wear. She took photos of all the looks so that I would have a quick reference guide for replicating these looks on my own. I was so pleased with the result that I decided to sign on for a one-year monthly subscription. Since then, I've continued to renew my subscription, and I'm now embarking on my third year of working with SooJin.

She has a great eye for style and I look forward to her visits each month. She is always able to find things that I love that fit and flatter me. Her services not only saves me time, but saves me money as well, as she often is able to find designer items at a significant discount. I love my new wardrobe, and I continue to look forward to SooJin's monthly visits.

— Lori, 49, Financial Services Professional

I initially became a client of Swagger & Glide about a year and a half ago when I signed up for the efficient shopper services. I was so happy with SooJin and her work that I decided to try the monthly subscriptions for 3 months, which then extended to over a year! With my busy work schedule, I did not have the time to maintain my wardrobe. Before meeting SooJin, my entire work wardrobe consisted of black slacks and your standard silk blouse. My once bland wardrobe has been transformed with beautiful necklaces, belts, vests, cardigans and blazers. Working with SooJin is great because she creates wardrobes for you based on your needs, body type, budget, age, lifestyle, and most of all, how much fun you are willing to have! Best of all, SooJin does a great job at finding pieces that complement your current wardrobe. SooJin is a seasoned shopper with an excellent eye for fashion and knows when and where to find the best deals.

— Sylvia, 30, Dentist

I noticed that a friend of mine was always wearing beautiful clothes, jackets, dresses and shoes that really complimented her figure so I asked her about her purchases. She told me that she had SooJin pick them out. I was intrigued so I signed up for a wardrobe refresher and monthly subscription. SooJin is not only is an absolute professional but works around your schedule and is extremely accommodating. She has a way of making you feel completely comfortable so you can be totally honest with her about your needs. SooJin allowed me wear clothes that I like but was able to vary my wardrobe so that I did not wear the same uniform every day. She is patient and honest and has exquisite taste. Every time I wear something she chose, I receive several compliments.

— Kathy, 42, Physician

I signed up for a six-month subscription with SooJin because I needed help building a professional wardrobe. My job requires constant stretching and bending, so my daily outfit had been a tee shirt, a fleece jacket, and loose corduroy pants. Over the course of the spring and the summer, SooJin has found me equally functional and comfortable pieces to create outfits that are far more flattering, interesting, and up-to-date. Working with her has been a tremendously enjoyable and rewarding experience, one whose value far, far exceeds that of the great clothes she's found for me at bargain prices!

I have been continually impressed by how SooJin's selections creatively reflect my particular tastes and my specific needs. For example, she brought me golf capris because they blend the neat appearance and the performance qualities I require. (I am not a golfer so I would never have thought to buy these pants myself!) As for helping me to develop my personal style, SooJin notes what details I like about each item she brings, so that she can bring similar (but better suited) ones to the next fitting. She is unfailingly attentive to my numerous concerns about the fit or the look of any garment or outfit, and I feel I can trust her judgment about whether something looks right or not. Her reassurances and her encouragement ultimately got me to stretch my comfort zone and become confident wearing clothes that I previously would have considered too feminine or too bold for me. Thanks to SooJin, I now have a whole wardrobe of interesting outfits I'm excited about wearing!

— Elaine, 30, Teacher & Small Business Owner