The men of Swagger & Glide take pride in the way they present themselves. We are honored to work with such different yet equally driven and confident individuals who know when to ask for a little help. Many thanks to these men who understand that life is definitely too short to wear a bad outfit!

Before I hired Swagger & Glide, I looked like my mother picked out my clothes. That's because she did, at least when I was a kid. When SooJin came for her initial consultation, my closet contained ill-fitting clothes that could have belonged to someone twice my age. It was definitely time for an overhaul, and Swagger & Glide was the right choice!

After my initial Wardrobe Refresher, I've continued with Swagger & Glide's Wardrobe Rebuilder and Monthly Subscriptions, and the results have been fantastic. From Day 1, SooJin taught me the basics of men's style as she picked out clothes that were just right for my age, work, and personal life. I feel great when I wear them, and my friends and coworkers regularly compliment me: "Did you lose weight?" "Are you working out more at the gym?" (neither of those statements are true).

SooJin's personality is perfectly suited for this role - she carefully balances her persistence with sensitivity not to push clients to wear anything that they wouldn't feel totally comfortable in. I highly recommend Swagger & Glide for men of all ages and walks of life: stop looking like your mother dressed you!

— Jonathan, 37, Biotech Consultant

SooJin has a keen eye for fashion. As one who is admittedly more-than-a-little tone-deaf and oblivious when it comes to fashion, when I called up SooJin and we sat down and went through my wardrobe, I felt like I was in the presence of a grand-master. She was able to quickly ask targeted questions and get a great feel for my personality and style (which I apparently previously had some semblance of). We worked together to compile a list of must-buy clothing that have been a fantastic addition to my wardrobe, and about which I get regular compliments. I had never used to get positive comments about my clothes in the past, so this was quite a pleasant change. If you are in need of fashion help, I highly recommend you reach out to SooJin!

— Raffi, 23, Consultant

I have worked with SooJin, on and off for many years. Whenever I am running low on a certain type of clothing or in need of a new suit, I call upon her expertise. Prior to working with SooJin, I always ended up buying the wrong thing and end up spending way too much money. She has been a breath of fresh air to my image, sense of style and wallet. She has made this whole process easy and has a great eye, beautiful taste and takes the ordeal out of maintaining a professional wardrobe. I actually enjoy getting dressed now and have received a lot of great comments from women on my…oops! SooJin's taste. My confidence in dressing and fashion has never been higher!"

— Kevin, 52, Healthcare

Working with SooJin has been great because she doesn't just pick out clothes and expect me to buy them. She takes the time to explain why the clothes she purchased for me looks better on me than the clothes I already own. For example, SooJin pointed out that the slim fit style of dress shirts she was found actually have less material around the waist and shoulders than my current shirts, and therefore fit my body shape better. Everything from shoes to belts to pants to shirts, SooJin has slowly revamped my entire work wardrobe while making sure to educate me on how to wear them and match them with each other.

.While at first I was a little hesitant to be paying someone to buy my clothes for me, by the end I felt like I was saving money. Not only did SooJin save me a ton of time with shopping and returning clothes, but I also ended up liking a much higher ratio of my clothes. Throughout my 7 month subscription, I found that I wasn't wearing any of my old work clothes anymore so I cleared it all and made room for the clothes that I like wearing.

— Real Estate

Six years after graduating college, I was still wearing the same dress shirts, slacks, and suit my dad had picked out for me when I was an undergrad. I can honestly say that I never really cared too much about how I looked--so long as my clothes were clean and my shoes were polished. However, after getting a new job, I started noticing how out of place my fashion sense seemed. My baggy dress shirts, pleated khakis and square-toed shoes all felt a little dated. I discovered that moths had chewed holes through my suit. I was embarrassed in professional and formal settings; I felt self conscience and uncomfortable where I needed to feel the most confident.

Enter SooJin. I had heard about Swagger & Glide from two of my well-dressed friends, but I honestly thought "that is only for people with tons of money to throw around." However, I finally reached a point of frustration with my appearance that I decided to give SooJin a call and set up a consultation. Before our meeting, I was fairly certain that A) I would not be able to afford her services and B) I would have to figure out my wardrobe makeover by myself. During my conversation with SooJin, it became apparent that having a professional fashion consultant would not cost me nearly as much as I envisioned and started getting very excited about what she could do to change my look.

SooJin spent time with me to learn about my style preferences, answer my questions about the latest fashion, and even educate me as to why specific elements in my current attire made me feel dated. It was all very simple and painless.

A couple of weeks later, we ventured to the outlets to shop together. SooJin patiently endured my pickiness and found me four perfect shirts and slacks. I still marvel at how cheerful she stayed despite my body's unwillingness to fit in conventionally sized clothes (I have long gorilla arms and dancer's legs with a very short torso). On top of that, she helped me pick out matching shoes that really pop with my new clothes. I found her comments and insight to be helpful, direct, and very informed. Once I had my new wardrobe, SooJin even helped me dispose of my old shirts, slacks, and shoes but taking them to the Goodwill!

I feel like a new man with my clothes. Instead of feeling self conscious about how stupid I looked (and I really felt ridiculous), now I am getting compliments everywhere I go. SooJin has helped me find a new sense of professionalism at work. When I wear clothes that SooJin picked for me, I am confident that I really look my best. I am very excited to continue working with SooJin to build my wardrobe in the coming years!

— Aaron, 29, Real Estate

Before I met SooJin, I had no desire to modify my wardrobe until I had to buy formal clothes for my medical school interviews, and that's when I first approached SooJin for advice. SooJin helped me select a matching suit, dress shirt, and tie combination for my interviews, and eventually also helped me transform my casual and social wardrobe as well. At first, SooJin visited my apartment to see my previous wardrobe, and then we took some shopping trips together. Based on our conversations and my preferences, SooJin helped me select some clothing pieces and helped me understand which matching combinations looked best. I especially appreciated that we were able to have a lot of "give-and-take" conversations, and that I had the freedom to say "no" if I wasn't comfortable with something. After a few shopping trips, I can honestly say that 40% of my current wardrobe are clothes that SooJin directly recommended for me, while another 40% of my wardrobe are clothes I found on my own, utilizing SooJin's advice. I highly recommend SooJin as a fashion consultant, whether it's on a one-time or regular basis. I learned a lot about current fashion throughout these trips, and it's helped me become much more aware of clothes that could best fit my lifestyle and personality.

— David, 29, Graduate Student

Being in the tech industry, let's just say that my general sense of fashion is almost non-existent. In fact, before working with SooJin from Swagger & Glide, I had not updated my wardrobe for almost ten years. This was obviously a problem especially as I found myself moving into more customer-facing roles at work. At the same time, I was in the process of applying to business school. I knew that I needed to take immediate action, and thank goodness for SooJin!

After an initial evaluation of my needs, I signed up for the Monthly Subscription service with Swagger & Glide. Every month, SooJin would carefully select outfits that fit every situation I found myself in. I especially liked how SooJin enabled me to think about fashion in a whole new way. It was this combination of filling my immediate needs and preparing me to address my own long-term needs that set Swagger & Glide apart for me.

I love the new wardrobe that I have now after working with SooJin over many months. It has served me well not just in the areas that I had hoped to address, but also in new areas that I never expected. I find that I am much more confident when I go out the door now. Thanks Swagger & Glide!

— Harvard, 32, Product Development