personal shopping - FOR WOMEN

Swagger & Glide's personal shopping services are designed for women who have little time or interest in navigating large stores or small boutiques nor searching for the best bargains. Swagger & Glide offers fully customizable personal shopping services focused on helping you look your best from the most casual to the most formal occasions. Swagger & Glide will do the bargain hunting, shopping, returning and altering for you so that you never have to wait in line at another crowded department store.


Ideal for those who have completed a Wardrobe Refresher or for those who have done your own closet purging, let Swagger & Glide help you to start replenishing and rebuilding your wardrobe. Whether you need several new pieces at once or a specific clothing category, Swagger & Glide will do all the legwork for you to help you restock your wardrobe with pieces you will wear and enjoy for seasons to come.

How often have you purchased clothing that remains unworn with price tags still hanging? After a thorough get-to-know you and your closet consultation, the Swagger & Glide personal shopper will advise you on the key pieces you will need to create a well-balanced wardrobe, one that suits your lifestyle and personal style. Then Swagger & Glide will do all the shopping and bring the purchases to your home for a fitting. You try on all the purchases in the comfort of your own home and keep only those items that look great and fit perfectly. You will be fitted for any alterations and then Swagger & Glide will bring them to a trusted tailor to be returned to you at a later time. Any items you don't want are returned to the store by Swagger & Glide. No more never-been-worn or should-have-been-returned clothing staring back at you from your closets and drawers.


The monthly subscription is the most popular Swagger & Glide personal shopping package. Subscriptions between 3 to 12 months allow you to replenish your wardrobe in a slower, steadier pace, adding a couple of great pieces once a month at fantastic bargain prices.

You and the Swagger & Glide personal shopper will first conduct a thorough evaluation of your wardrobe and create a list of new pieces you'll need to create a well-balanced wardrobe. Then, Swagger & Glide will do all the shopping for you, gathering approximately 10 new pieces to present to you each month. You may see a few blouses, cardigans and sweater dresses the first month then some jeans, skirts and t-shirts the next. You keep only the few pieces that look great and fit perfectly and all others will be returned for you. Throughout the duration of your subscription, Swagger & Glide keeps all the things you need in mind while also making sure that each purchase is made at the best possible time to maximize bargain shopping.

Whether you sign up for 3 months, 6 months or a full year (rates will vary), you will enjoy watching your wardrobe make a gradual yet drastic transformation.


New England's changing seasons gives you a chance four times each year to look through your closet, decide what is suitable to keep and what needs to be updated. Perhaps winter is approaching and you need a new black cashmere sweater or you're longing for a trench coat for spring. Swagger & Glide can help you keep your wardrobe up-to-date and weather appropriate.

Ideal for those who have fulfilled one or several passes of the monthly subscription, you and the Swagger & Glide personal shopper will evaluate your wardrobe needs every 3 to 4 months. Then Swagger & Glide will do all the shopping for you and gather approximately 15 pieces to present to you at your home. You keep only the pieces that you love and fit perfectly and all others will be returned for you. As always, anything that need simple alterations will be sent to a trusted tailor and promptly returned to you.

You'll soon realize that there's nothing better than knowing that Swagger & Glide has your back …and your tops, bottoms, shoes and hats.


Pregnancy and new motherhood is both exhilarating and exhausting. Whether you exude a new glow, or feel drained of all energy, Swagger & Glide can help you look your best with wonderful outfits that flatter your ever-changing body. A personal shopper can shop for you or shop with you, helping you make choices that are sensible and budget-thoughtful yet consistent with your personal style. Whether newly pregnant or a new mother, we can help you keep your Swagger & Glide.

Shop Together

There's power in retail therapy. No one understands this better than the Swagger & Glide personal shopper. If you enjoy shopping but need some guidance, let's hit the stores together!

The Swagger & Glide personal shopper will map out and visit stores before your arrival to set aside clothes specifically selected for you. We will meet to browse the racks, hit the fitting rooms and decide on the pieces you should purchase. From store to store, Swagger & Glide will stay by your side every step of the way to keep pushy sales people from forcing you into making the wrong purchase. Once all your purchases have been made, Swagger & Glide will oversee any tailoring that needs to be done and advise you on the style of shoes, handbag and other finishing touches that best completes your new looks.

This is the only personal shopping package for women that is charged by the hour.

Contact Swagger & Glide for more details and rates.