Fashion consulting services with Swagger & Glide are available to those who need a fresh set of eyes to breathe new life into your wardrobe. These services are designed to help you discover the hidden potential in the clothes by paring it down to the essentials and reorganizing them into exciting outfits. You can look your best without the drudgery and expense of shopping.


Is there an avalanche of sweaters, tanks and tees whenever you open your closet doors? Can you barely open your overstuffed dresser drawers? Give your wardrobe the attention it needs.

A Swagger & Glide fashion consultant will work with you to evaluate each item in your closet and determine whether it should be kept, donated or altered for a better fit. Clothes that fit well and are in good condition will be mixed and matched into outfits that you may not have considered before. You'll be given valuable advice on the colors, styles and sizes that are best suited for your skin tone, height and frame. Also, you'll forever be a more informed shopper and dresser so that future purchases will compliment your wardrobe and withstand the test of time.

When you hire Swagger & Glide, you'll discover how paring down your wardrobe can feel like you have more wearable clothes than ever before.


The days leading up to business or vacation travel can be the longest and most stressful. Let the Swagger & Glide fashion consultant research your travel destinations and coordinate the outfits you will need to look your best on the road. Swagger & Glide will make sure everything you pack will be appropriate for the occasion, the weather and most importantly, fit nicely into that one carry-on suitcase.

Do you need your husband or kids' bags packed? Swagger & Glide can work that out too!


Mornings are chaos. The dog is barking, the kids need breakfast and you're standing in front of a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. Swagger & Glide understands the obstacles to putting together a great outfit each and every day.

Imagine an entire week's wardrobe already organized; everything from the clothes you wear to work to the kid's birthday parties to social events on the weekends. Outfits will be pre-arranged for you with pictures and descriptions so you never again reach for the same jeans and t-shirt uniform everyday. You may discover layering combinations in ways that you haven't previously imagined. Those accessories you never touch? They will be utilized to create a complete and thoughtful new look. Getting dressed in the mornings has never been easier!

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