SooJin is unable to take new clients until fall of 2019.  Apologies for the inconvenience and please check back in the fall!

About SooJin

SooJin K. Chu has always had a talent for helping others hone their personal style and find clothes that match their personality, body type, and budget. For years her friends and family relied on her to help them face the daunting process of finding the right clothes whether orchestrating a new career wardrobe or choosing the perfect wedding dress.

In the fall of 2008, SooJin turned this hobby into a full time business, launching Swagger & Glide, Fashion Consulting and Personal Shopping. Combining her fine arts background at Boston University, a love for affordable fashion, and a passion for helping others elevate their personal style, SooJin has become a go-to fashion resource for men and women who want to look and feel their very best.

Swagger & Glide has helped over 60 clients with little time or interest in shopping, those who are confused by department stores, sales and brands, or those who struggle finding clothes to fit their body type. SooJin believes any man or woman interested in a beautiful, flattering wardrobe can have it without sacrificing budget or precious time outside of work…and she can make that happen.

Her vision

In addition to meeting practical client concerns, SooJin's vision for Swagger & Glide is to help men and women more fully express their identity. As a woman, elegance is enhanced when you can look in the mirror and see the beauty on the inside match the beauty on the outside. As a man, confidence is powerful when your inner strength is represented in a well-fitting suit. SooJin believes that the external representation of one's self through clothes is a powerful expression of identity, and Swagger and Glide can help find your own hidden potential.