There's nothing like the feeling you get when you look your best. Confident, poised, engaging; it's you, but with a bit of Swagger & Glide. Why not look and feel that good every day?

SooJin K. Chu, owner and operator of Swagger & Glide, is a fashion consultant and person shopper working with men and women in Boston and surrounding areas. She is an expert at helping busy executives, working mothers and young professionals rejuvenate and maintain an exciting wardrobe.

SooJin will take the time to get to know you, your personal style and your budget, and will customize a wardrobe plan to suit your lifestyle.


She will help you cull through your current closet, work with the clothes that flatter you most, plan your wardrobe, shop for you, fit clothes for the tailor and make returns when necessary. Over time your closet will be transformed into a wardrobe filled with new, affordable styles, colors and silhouettes you'll be excited to wear.

These Swagger & Glide men and women have experienced the transformation. Contact Swagger & Glide for a complimentary consultation now!